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                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

                Add: Room 2301, South Building, Anno Domini Mansion, No. 8 Qiushi Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC

                Zip code: 310013

                Office Tel: +86-571-88380819

                Sales Department Tel: +86-571-81387099


                ◆ May 2001, we founded Hangzhou Jinshi Industry Co., Ltd., with the investment development of Fluorite mine and sales of Fluorite products as main activities; we started our business.
                ◆ October 2001, we purchased Fujian Jianyang Huitan Fluorite Mine, that is the first step of our investment in Fluorite Mine.
                ◆ February 2005, we got the right of mining of Zhejiang Suichang Hushan Second Fluorite Mine by auction, opened the layout prologue of our company in Zhejiang province for Fluorite industry.
                ◆ August 2006, we got the mineral exploration right of Fluorite of Hengkengping by transferring, and this mine got the Second Award of excellent Chinese geological prospecting projects.
                ◆ December 2007, we bade the mineral exploration right of Zhejiang Changshan Bamianshan Fluorite Mine; this mine was the largest single Fluorite Mine discovered in China nearly 20 years.
                ◆ January 2008, we purchased Longquan Fluorite Mining Co. Ltd, which was the first acquisition of mining-dressing joint mature enterprise of our company, and provided a stable source of profit for the rapid development of our company.
                ◆ May 2009, we began to build Suichang Zhengzhong Fluorite Dressing Factory, which is the first self-build Fluorite Dressing Factory of our company.
                ◆ July 2010, we became a group company, and changed our name to "China Kings Resources Group co.,ltd."; our business have entered into a new stage since then.
                ◆ In 2011, we planned to be a public company and started to introduce investors since then.
                ◆ December 2012, we became a stock limited company officially, and changed our name to "China Kings Resources Group co.,ltd.". We enter the fast-track of IPO.

                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.