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                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

                Add: Room 2301, South Building, Anno Domini Mansion, No. 8 Qiushi Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC

                Zip code: 310013

                Office Tel: +86-571-88380819

                Sales Department Tel: +86-571-81387099

                Investment cooperation

                Acquisitions or joint development projects of Fluorite mineral resource
                As a professional Industry Group engaged in the investment and development of Fluorite mineral resources, our company are seeking acquisitions or co-development projects of Fluorite mineral resource around China.
                Cooperative development projects of Fluorine chemical products
                With the supports of our Fluorite mineral resources, we are seeking famous fluorine chemical companies all around the world as strategic partner to develop high-end fluorine chemical industry: we are going to build a production base of fluorine chemical products in Zhejiang province, and develop fluorine chemical industry.

                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.