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                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

                Add: Room 2301, South Building, Anno Domini Mansion, No. 8 Qiushi Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC

                Zip code: 310013

                Office Tel: +86-571-88380819

                Sales Department Tel: +86-571-81387099

                Zhejiang Suichang Zhengzhong Fluorite Dressing Co., Ltd.

                Founded on December 18, 2008, Zhejiang Suichang Zhengzhong Fluorite Dressing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinshi resources group, with two mines and a dressing plant (Sanren Township Kengkou Fluorite Ore, Yunfeng Town Chuwu Fluorite Ore and Yunfeng Dressing Plant). The outputs: Kengkou Fluorite Ore 100,000 tons/year, Chuwu Fluorite Ore  50,000 tons/year, Yunfeng Dressing Plant  200,000 tons/year of undressed ores.
                Our mining and dressing project had been listed as the model base of the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources of China in 2011. Two years after the production, we have been approved as top-ten industrial enterprise and local large taxpayer of Suichang County.


                Dressing factory

                Kengkou Fluorite Mine

                Chuwu Fluorite Mine

                China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.